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Composed and produced by Fredziak (Frédéric Esnault)
Vocals on Altitude 9999: Sylvia, Vanille and Kenya
Artwork: Frédéric Esnault

Published under Creative Commons License, freely shareable, some rights reserved,
(CC-BY-NC-ND) 2012

I have always considered music as a journey of the spirit. ALTITUDES is thus conceived as a sojourn in an imaginary sonic territory, a route traced in a series of landscapes, alternating among plains, mountains and plateaus. Surprise and excitement await the travelers beyond every bend, every pass and whatever their reaction may be, the trip will have changed and enriched them.

ALTITUDES is therefore a contemplative type of music, but it is not monotone, as profusion and agitation also deserve contemplation. I believe very much in variety, in contrasts. This is why each step should be a discovery, a unique experience. Beyond that, this music without text does not demand anything in particular and leaves the listener free to interpret it in order to resonate with it.

Man did not land on the Moon in a horse-drawn carriage. In order to explore new worlds, one must find a way to reach them. I have chosen computers and synthesizers precisely because they enable one to work on new forms and to fuse and entangle previously unheard auditory artifacts.

I hold a great fascination for sounds, a passion for listening, collecting, grinding them up and creating new ones. Finally, composing music is the next step, that of allowing edifices of sound to rise up out of stones collected in one's environment or bricks formed of one's own clay.

This is not incompatible with the traditional approach, made of notes, melodies, and harmonies. The two aspects can and should coexist, and indeed our ears absorb them as a whole. This is what I wanted to illustrate with ALTITUDES and whether the goal is reached or not, I hope you will at least enjoy the trip.


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